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- 3D Updates Archive Overview -

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Consistent Bi-Monthly 3D Updates In Up To x10 File Formats

After each Bi-monthly Update was available for one calendar month, it will move to our Updates Archive. Here each Update will be available for an additional two calendar months for current & new members to access and download - based on their membership level.

... Current 3D Model Packages in the Update Archive ...

January 1 Of 2

December 2 Of 2

December 1 Of 2

November 2 Of 2

These 3D libraries currently amount to 1,000's  of high quality 3D models from various international suppliers and manufactures as per the images in the slide shows above. This number grows monthly as we continue to source and update our libraries Bi-monthly for you with a minimum of 300+ new and trendy 3D Models per month.

Table below indicate the current amount of 3D Models in our various libraries and packages:


Total Guests Basic Adv & PRO
555 x10 Formats
x10 Formats x11 Formats
Fundamental 2,350 X
x4 Formats x11 Formats
x1 Format x4 Formats x11 Formats
 3D Archive 1,087
X x4 Formats x11 Formats
25,827 X X ~11 Formats
 Total 30,233      

We Are Currently Featuring 300+ International Suppliers ...

... Your Online Service For 3D Models, 3D Scenes, Textures & Unlimited Cloud Storage ...

- About Us -

Ph-DDS Is A Freelance Design Service For Any Domestic Or Commercial Design Projects. Our Aim Is To Offer A Holistic Balance Of Function, Beauty & Practicality.

- Suppliers -

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