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  • 12 Apr 2021 11:00 AM | Ph Decor & Design Solutions (Administrator)

    Simple Pleasures: The Art of the Bath

    The ritual of bathing has been used for health and relaxation since ancient times. Today, a relaxing bath is a simple pleasure still worth making time for. Here are ways to elevate this routine to an art with scents, salts, refreshing tub-side sips and ... more

    [Author: Luara Gaskill]

  • 19 Mar 2021 11:00 AM | Ph Decor & Design Solutions (Administrator)

    Storage and Style Ideas in Top Laundry Rooms

    Whether you’re a fan of doing the wash or would prefer to never see another dirty sock in your life, you can make the task more pleasant with an attractive and functional laundry room. Here are four great ideas for making your laundry room a more beautiful and practical space ... more

    [Author: Erin Carlyle]

  • 17 Mar 2021 11:00 AM | Ph Decor & Design Solutions (Administrator)

    Practical Ideas From The Most Popular Laundry Rooms

    The “room” in laundry room isn’t always accurate. Many laundry areas occupy niches off hallways and back entryways, former closets and other converted spaces. But no matter where you choose to put your laundry area, smart design choices will maximize its function. A look at the most popular laundry room photos uploaded to Houzz in summer 2020 reveal many ideas for creating hardworking spaces in various layouts ... more

    [Author: Becky Harris]

  • 15 Mar 2021 11:00 PM | Ph Decor & Design Solutions (Administrator)

    Pro Tips for Planning Your Laundry Area

    There are many things to consider when planning your ideal laundry area, from choosing the right materials and storage to creating a practical layout. So where do you start? And how can you be sure the layout and design will meet your needs? Here, three laundry and design experts share 12 insider tips for designing a laundry that delivers ... more

    [Author: Georgia Madden]

  • 12 Mar 2021 11:00 AM | Ph Decor & Design Solutions (Administrator)

    Why You Might Want to Put Your Tub in the Shower

    Putting your bathtub in the shower may be an unexpected idea, but it’s a solid one and a growing trend in bathroom design.

    Sure, it looks great, but what does it mean from a practical standpoint? For one, kids (and grown-ups) can splash all they want in the tub without having to worry about water damage or a mess. Two, the right tub model can double as a great shower bench or spot to perch your leg on while shaving.

    Curious if this will work in your new bathroom? Take a look at these examples and learn what questions to ask your contractor before implementing this design... more

    [Author: JW]

  • 10 Mar 2021 11:00 AM | Ph Decor & Design Solutions (Administrator)

    Tips for Creating Your Own Wetroom

    The idea is fairly simple: Take a room, put a drain in the middle of it, and tile all four walls. You now have your very own wetroom. While this concept is popular in Europe, it has not gained the popularity or exposure here in the States. But as our nation continues to age, the idea of barrier-free interiors continues to be a focus in home remodeling, and wetrooms are the epitome of barrier-free spaces. Everything is raised up off the floor, and there are no internal walls, doors or shower curbs to get in the way.

    Wetrooms present one particular design challenge: How do you make a room full of tile and cold surfaces inviting? Here are 8 tips on how to create a warm and inviting wetroom of your very own ... more

    [Author: Jason Ball]

  • 8 Mar 2021 11:00 AM | Ph Decor & Design Solutions (Administrator)

    Bathrooms With Wet Room Areas for a Tub and a Shower

    Lately many designers have been using a wet room strategy to make the most of bathroom space. This approach combines the bathtub and shower together behind a full or partial enclosure that keeps water out of the rest of the bathroom. With a wet room strategy, there’s no standing in the tub while taking a shower, which is more comfortable and accessible. And when bathing kids in a wet room, they can splish-splash as much as they want and any water that gets outside the tub will simply hit the shower floor and go down the drain. Here’s a look at five different takes on the wet room approach ... more

    [Author: Becky Harris]

  • 5 Mar 2021 11:00 AM | Ph Decor & Design Solutions (Administrator)

    Ways Your Bathroom Would Look Great in Gray

    If the previously featured blue bathrooms were a tad too colorful for you, perhaps gray is more your speed. Gray has been a popular neutral for quite a while now, and it doesn’t appear to be falling out of favor anytime soon. One complaint I’ve seen about gray is that it can feel too cold and institutional. Here are some examples of how to use gray in a way that is warm and inviting ... more

    [Author: Jennifer Ott]

  • 3 Mar 2021 11:00 AM | Ph Decor & Design Solutions (Administrator)

    Tips for a Sensational Yellow Bathroom

    Ready to move beyond winter white yet? Perk up your senses with an injection of yellow hues in your home. Bathrooms are excellent spaces for this energetic color, since unlike a bedroom or living room, it’s not a space we tend to spend long periods of time in. Being greeted first thing in the morning by a generous dose of yellow as you step into the bathroom can be just the thing to help jump-start the day ... more

    [Author: Jennifer Ott]

  • 1 Mar 2021 11:00 AM | Ph Decor & Design Solutions (Administrator)

    When to Use Grey in the Bathroom

    Gray is a popular neutral to use with more attention-grabbing hues, but I’ve been seeing gray stand all on its own more and more in residential interiors. The trick to working with gray is to counterbalance its coolness so that it doesn’t end up feeling sterile and institutional. You can do this by adding warm wood tones or by choosing a shade of gray on the warmer end of the spectrum. Of course, if you live in a hot climate, a predominantly cool gray bathroom can feel soothing.

    Here are some gray paint selections that run the gamut from light to dark and cool to warm, along with seven stylish examples of how to use gray in a bath ... more

    [Author: Jennifer Ott]

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