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Sync Any Of Your Devices & Gain Immediate Access To Our Full Selection Of High Quality Trendy 3D Models In The Palm Of Your Hand

3D HUB Private Folders

  • All Club Members who has signed up for the 3D HUB have access to an exclusive Private Folder.
  • Each  3D HUB Member's Private & Public Folders have unlimited storage space.
  • Although the maximum file size you as a 3D HUB Member can upload is limited to 10GB.
  • In your Public Folder you can upload and download any CAD/BIM related content for storage, safekeeping and backup purposes.
  • Your Private Folders can only be accessed by yourself from any device that you have linked to your Citrix Profile.
  • All you content is safe since no other 3D HUB, 3D Club Member or general public has any access to your Private Folder to either view or edit the content.
  • You are able to create your own Sub Folders in your Private Folder to keep everything organized.
  • Each of your Folder names, Sub-folders & inclusive content file name cannot exceed 250 characters in total.

3D HUB Public Folders

  • Other than the Private Folder, your Public Folder is open for other Club Members to view, access and download your content.
  • Hence from your Public Folder you can share with fellow 3D HUB Members your CAD/BIM content for them to use.
  • The feature to access & download Public CAD/BIM content is exclusive to our Professional Membership Levels II - V.
  • Professional Members can thus upload any CAD/BIM related content they want to make public for other 3D HUB  Members to use in their projects.
  • Fellow 3D HUB Members and yourself can view your Public CAD/BIM content from any device they have linked to their Citrix Profile.
  • All Public Folders and its content is restricted to 3D Hub Members only and not accessible by the general public.

Send Us A Request Email Today, Stating That You Want To Be Part Of Our Dynamic 3D HUB.

Please Confirm Your User ID as reference in the email.

- Then Follow These Quick & Easy Steps To Download & Customize The App On Any Of Your Devices -

Once Successfully Installed & Customized, Access Sharefile Folders In The Following Way:

From the App in the upper right corner you can click on the folder icon or "Open Folder" to access directly the folders you have access to.

Alternatively you will find these folders on your operating system as well under the Folder name of "Citrix Files".

These folders and its content of 3D Models does not take-up any additional storage space on your device.

Your current 3D Club Membership level will determine if you can View, Download, Upload or Delete any content in the various folders.

How To Use These Folders & Exchange 3D Content?
As per your normal operating system, navigate you way through the various Folders to View the content, by simply clicking the respective Folders & Sub-Folders.

To upload content to your 3D HUB Private / Public Folders, simply drag or copy/paste the CAD/BIM into the respective Folders.

To download any 3D CAD/BIM content, simply select the item and drag or copy/paste it to the folder on your operating system. Only then will the respective data take up storage space on your device.

- Important -

DO NOT Delete Any Of The Content In The 3D HUB Folders!

You will not remove the content from the "cloud" or any of our libraries.

But rather you only delete YOUR access to the specific item and will NOT regain access to the deleted content again.

So PLEASE, DO NOT Delete Any Content From The 3D HUB Main Folders Or Sub-Folders.

Content in YOUR Personal & Private Folders you can Edit & Delete as you please.

See the table for more details on the various access and capabilities of each membership level:

Gain immediate access & View all the CAD/BIM content in our various 3D model libraries in up to x10 file formats. Get instant notifications about all new updates to any of our 3D Libraries or those shared by fellow Members.

Store and Backup any or all your CAD/BIM content for safe keeping in your own Personal & Private Folder with unlimited storage space. You will also have unlimited access to your data from any of your connected devices.

Access all our 3D library content directly from the Sharefile folder without taking up any of your device's storage space. Download the content you need quick and easy without the need to log-in or enter any passwords.

Upload and Share immediately any CAD/BIM 3D Models with our fellow Club Members in your own Exclusive Public Sharefile Folder. Also gain immediate and unlimited access to all other Club Member' shared CAD/BIM content.

Lastly the 3D HUB gives all our Club Members access to our full digital library with 1,000's of 3D Models in SketchUp ( .skp 2013+ ) format. Professional Club Members (Pro II-V) have unlimited access to download this complete and sorted library's 3D Models at any time.



3D Club


3D SketchUp


3D Hybrid

File Sharing

Pro I
Pro II
Pro IV
Pro V

All 3D Club Members Whom Register For The 3D HUB Agree To The Follow Terms & Conditions:

  • The 3D HUB services are only available to registered Ph-DDS 3D Club Members on any of our membership levels.
  • 3D Club's standard T&C and Privacy Policy by principle also apply to the 3D HUB.
  • It is each 3D HUB Members own responsibility to customize their folder update notifications by email to their own preference.
  • No 3D HUB Member is allowed to share any of the 3D Club's restricted 3D Models or content in their 3D HUB Public Folder in any form or variant.
  • Ph-DDS Management has the full right to remove any content that is deemed inappropriate or irrelevant to the CAD/BIM industry.
  • Any 3D HUB Member whom have inappropriate content in either their Private or Public Folders will immediately loose all access to the 3D HUB.
  • Once a 3D Club Member downgrade or not renew their membership, then their access to the 3D HUB will be adjusted accordingly.
  • If a "Guest" Member of the 3D Club doesn't renew or upgrade their membership their access to the 3D HUB will also be restricted after their trial period.
  • All content - of any 3D Club Member whom cancel their membership - in either their Private or Public Folders will be removed after 30 days of their cancellation.
  • Ph-DDS Management  Team can update these T&C at anytime without any prior notification.

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... Your Online Service For 3D Models, 3D Scenes, Textures & Unlimited Cloud Storage ...

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Ph-DDS Is A Freelance Design Service For Any Domestic Or Commercial Design Projects. Our Aim Is To Offer A Holistic Balance Of Function, Beauty & Practicality.

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