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 Submissions Criteria & FAQ

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- Submission's Criteria -

All submissions for any 3D Products are subject to approval by (Ph-DDS) Management and thus needs to meet these requirements:

  • You need to be a registered member of the (Ph-DDS) 3D HUB on any of our tiers of membership levels.
  • Any and all 3D Products submitted must be your own work and not that of a 3rd party's creation.
  • Your designs can be your own conceptional ideas or be based on a supplier's catalog.
  • The 3D Product itself needs to be of high quality & standard.
  • Each 3D Product needs to made available in at least two (2) standard CAD or BIM 3D file formats, such as .3ds, .stl, .dwg, etc.
  • Each 3D Product must be preferably of low poly count without compromising on the overall quality of the model.
  • Submissions needs to fall within the 10 categories of: Architectural | Exterior | Interior | Landscaping | M.E.P. | Eco-Design | People | Vehicles
  • Each 3D Product submission needs to be accompanied with at least one good quality rendered picture (.jpeg or .png format <2MB in size). 
  • The rendered picture(s) needs to represent the actual 3D Product and not be a misrepresentation in any way or form.
  • Maximum of 5 rendered pictures are allowed per 3D Product (.jpeg/.png <2MB each).

- How To Make Submissions -

In a nutshell submitting a 3D Product(s) to our 3D Shop is done in the following manner:

  • Firstly ensure you are a registered member of 3D HUB.
  • Prepare the specific 3D Products you want to list on your Personal 3D Shop.
  • Save each version of your 3D Product in the various 3D file format you want to sell it to your customer-base in separate files on your PC.
  • Do the same with the rendered pictures you will use to advertise your 3D Product by saving it in a separate file.
  • Register on MediaFire (free) and upload each respective 3D Products file and their picture file to your MediaFire account.
  • Download our (Excel) Submission Form by clicking here.
  • Follow our step-by-step guide how to complete our Submission Form here.
  • Email us your completed Submission Form with your MediaFire share links included.
  • Once we received you email we will setup your Personal 3D Shop page (<72 hours) with your 3D Product's Specifications loaded and ready.
  • After inspection of your 3D Products, we secure your MediaFire files on our MediaFire account with a security password.
  • Lastly you receive a confirmation email with your personal customized link for your Personal 3D Shop (to advertise).
  • Thereafter with each order from your Personal 3D Shop we email your customer the MediaFire link(s) and security password, only once we have received their payment in full.

- Getting Paid From Sales -

Like all our monthly subscription fees all sales on your Personal 3D Shop page are also processed by the secure platform of PayPal.

All our 3D Product are priced and sold in US Dollars. Your sales and payments will thus also be based on the same currency.

The sum of your gross income from each sale is transferred to you via PayPal after the 25th of each month. This process will be done after each month-end's consolidation of your current inventory levels versus all your monthly sales.

- 3D Model Inventory & Changes -

Your personal membership level determine how many 3D Products you can list in the ten categories as well as the overall total.

Membership Level
Maximum 3D Products Collection Sets
 Guest5 1
 Basic 10 5
 Advanced 25 10
 Professional 50-100 15-20

When we setup your Personal 3D Shop page we load a standard amount of inventory for control purposes. The standard amount of inventory loaded for each listed 3D Product is 50 for each 3D file format you offer on your Personal 3D Shop page. This process of inventory and stock control is mainly in place to assure you that you get paid for each and every of your sales by comparing it with your current inventory levels month-to-month.

This level of inventory will automatically reduce according to sales of your listed 3D Products in the available 3D File Formats.

Once a specific 3D Product reach its level of "Out Of Stock" you can use the opportunity to asses if you want to list the specific 3D Product again or alternatively list another 3D Product.

All and any changes to your current inventory of your Personal 3D Shop has to be submitted by email with our Submission Form.

- Categories, Collections & Individual 3D Models -

You can list your 3D Product as an individual items within in the various categories for individual sales. For example you can list and sell 5 accent chairs each at a set individual price of $10 each.

Alternatively you can put a selection or range of items together as a set and sell them together as a "Collection". Like you can sell the 5 accent chairs in the previous example as a selection of "Contemporary Accent Chairs" for a once of price of $40.

Each Individual 3D Product and 3D Collection must fall with in the ten categories we offer on our 3D Shop. These ten Categories are as follow:

CategoryExample 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5
 Architectural DoorsWindows
 Basins Fireplaces Cabinets, etc
 Exteriors Pergolas Covered Parking
 Outdoor BBQ
 Roof Finals, etc
 Interiors Accessories Seating Furniture
 Tables Office Furniture
 Storage Furniture, etc
 Landscaping Plants Outdoor Furniture
 Trees Vertical Gardens
 Planters, etc
 Mechanical Air Conditioners
 Ceiling Fans
 Appliances (Domestic)
Appliances (Industrial)
 Extraction Hob/Fan, etc
 Electrical Small Appliances Power Sockets
 Power Switches
 Light Fixtures
 Lamps (Floor / Table), etc
 Plumbing Basin Faucets Shower Towers
 Plugs & Drains
 Basin Traps
 Sink Faucets, etc
 Eco-Design Solar Panels
 Wind Terminals
 Water Tanks
 Green Roofs
 Growing Tunnels, etc
 People & Pets
 Causal Men Casual Women Children Domestic Pets Business Men, etc
 Vehicles Cars Buses Trucks SUVs Trains, etc

- Other FAQ -

Can I send my submission by email with the 3D File Format Files & pictures as attachments?

Regrettably no submission will be accepted that are sent by email to us with attachments other that the completed Excel Submission Form file.

How do I know my 3D Products are safe and secure while it is listed for sale?

This is the main reason why we only receive applications and submissions via Dropbox links. Once we received your completed  Excel Submission Form, we share the file with our person Dropbox account and secure it with a password. Thereafter it is only accessible by the customer that paid if full. Only once we have received payment in full for any order the respective Dropbox link and security Password is send to the customer.

How much is the Admin Fee charged by Ph-DDS for each sale?

In order to cover both the Sale's Transaction and the gross income Transfer Fees charged by PayPal for each transaction, by standard we charge only 15% on the selling price of each sale. This is the only charges incurred by each Club member on their sales, since there are no other "hidden" fees like; Maintenance Fees, Hosting Fees or Setup & Support Fees.

When is a 3D Product listed and considered as a "Limited Addition"?

You can list your 3D Product as a "Limited Edition" with a limited amount of "stock" at a specific price and thus make it more exclusive. Once that set amount of "stock" is sold the 3D Product is removed from your inventory list. You can relist the same 3D Product again thereafter but for example at a higher price. "Limited Editions" works well together with "a Collection Sets" of specific 3D Products.

Does the 3D Shop offer any Refunds on its sales?

Any complaint has to be submitted to us in writing by email within one (1) day after the "Order Full-full" email was sent to the customer. In that case if it is found that your listed 3D Product is not up to standard based on what is advertised in your rendered picture and Ph-DDS Management finds that their complaint is valid - we will offer a refund. However we will first offer a replacement of the specific 3D Product produced by yourself (as the designer and the creator of the 3D Product). If the customer is still not satisfied for a valid reason - by Ph-DDS Management discretion - we offer a 75% refund of the initial purchased price. The refund amount will also be retrieved from the 3D Product Designer with the next month's sales consolidation payment - if any refund was made towards the customer.

If You Have Any Other Questions Regarding Your Submissions, Please Do Not Hesitate To Email Us Directly.

- About Us -

Ph-DDS Is A Freelance Design Service For Any Domestic Or Commercial Design Projects. Our Aim Is To Offer A Holistic Balance Of Function, Beauty & Practicality.

- Suppliers -

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