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- Frequently Asked Questions -

- Registration -

Are subscriptions as Club Members based on calendar months or per subscription period?

Your membership's subscription is based on the specific period you as a member registered for. Specifically from your joining date or the day your membership has been approved. Your membership will thus end at the last day of your registration period and not at the end of the specific calendar month.

When can I choose my own Password to use to Login to my Profile?

Like each new registered member, you will first receive an email with a digital generated password from our membership platform after your initial registration. Once your application has been approved by management, or paid for in full,  can you use your email address and digital generated password to login to your profile. Thereafter you will be able to change your password to a more familiar one of your personal choice by clicking on the Log In button and select "Change Password".

As a paying member, when do I get access to the members-only webpages and various 3D Packages?

As a Guest member you gain access first to your Profile page only after your initial registration. On your Profile page you can update any of your personal details or preference settings in the meanwhile. However you will only gain full access to all the other members-only pages once your application has been approved by our Management Team. If you sign-up as an active Basic, Advanced or Professional I-V Member you will gain immediate access to our members-only pages as soon as we have received your payment in full.

How do I pay for my subscription?

All our once-off and monthly subscription payments are processed online and automatically through PayPal payment system.

How do I know my payment was successful?

Our linked online payment system - PayPal - itself will issue you with a receipt once your payment has been successfully processed as well as each month thereafter with each recurring payment. As well as on your Profile you have full access to your invoices and statements if and when any are required.

- Membership Subscription -

What is the main difference of Professional Membership?

If you subscribe for our Professional II-V level respectively for the quarterly, semi-annually or annually membership and pay in advance then you are considered as a Professional members. Your membership is thus paid in advance at an discounted rate and not on a requiring monthly basis.

What are the main benefits of Professional Club members?

Firstly you get a discount on their monthly membership that varies between 10 - 50% depending on your subscription period. Your subscription as a Professional member also give you access to comment and create your own topics on our Forum & Blog platforms. Lastly you get more benefits on our 3D Shop as well compared to the other membership levels.

As a registered subscribed member, can I upgrade or downgrade my membership level?

Yes. Once you have successfully registered you can upgrade their membership to a different membership level. Although if you registered as a Professional Club Members you can only renew or change your membership level at the end of the time period you have paid for in advance.

Who can participate on the 3D Club's Forum platform?

As a Guest or as an active monthly Club Member (Basic, Advanced & Pro I - V) you have access to both read and comment on our 3D Forum Platform. However as an active Professional (Pro I - V) you can also create your own topics on the Professional 3D Forum for others to reply and comment on. The general public cannot read neither participate on our 3D Forum Platform.

What access do the general public have to the 3D Club's Blog posts?

The general public can only read our weekly Blog Posts. If you are registered as a Guest or an active monthly Club Member (Basic, Advanced & Pro I - V) you can both read and comment on our weekly Blog Posts. All Professional levels have access to create their own blog posts on our platform.

- 3D Format File Packages-

Which Club Members have immediate access to the various 3D Packages?

It is only once you are an Advanced & Professional (Pro I-V) that you have immediate access to all our various 3D Packages. This is also only after your successful registration and your payment is received by us in full. See our Membership Levels Table for more information.

What is the average cost per 3D model in the various 3D Packages?

Ph-DDS 3D Club & Forum do not sell or resell any 3D model on an individual basis within our 3D Packages. We only offer access to you as a Guest or as an active Club Members to our 3D format file Archive. As well as access to our monthly updates compiled in various 3D Packages based on your membership level. It is only on our 3D Shop that we offer 3D Models for sale at their advertised prices.

How does the different 3D Packages follow on one another?

Firstly we offer our Basic 3D Package to you as a Guest or as an active monthly member and you can access this immediately after the approval or full payment for your membership. Thereafter we offer you the Fundamental 3D Package which builds further on the 5 Categories and does not include any of the 3D items or elements which are already part of the Basic 3D Package. Lastly you gain access to our Main 3D-Vault Package, which is also divided in the 5 categories. These 3D models represent the final items / elements in our Archive and does not included any of the 3D models featured in the previous two 3D Packages.

What updated items are in the Update 3D Packages?

Our Main 3D-Vault Package feature all items / elements in our 3D Archive which we have sourced, standardized and stored prior to 2018. The items and elements in the Update 3D Packages are our updates of new items / elements from the beginning of 2019, which are put together for you as a Monthly Package and each month's Update 3D Package is available for you to access as a Guest or as an active monthly Club Member on our Updates 3D Package Page.

How does the Monthly-Updates differ from the Updates-Archive?

The monthly Updates to our Archive are only available to you on our Updates 3D Page for one calendar  month. Thereafter it moves to our Updates-Archive Page as the first step towards forming part of our overall archive/vault. In return these archived updates will still be available for download by you for two months before it forms part of our Main 3D-Vault. Access to these various 3D Packages and respective members-only pages are accessible by you as a Guest or an active Club Member based on your Membership Level.

- 3D Packages Downloading -

Do I need a personal MediaFire account Download the various 3D Files?

No. None of our members need a personal account registered with MediaFire to download any of our 3D format files. You can download the files directly from our account to your device anywhere at any time. If you already have an account with MediaFire then you can save the 3D format files to your own MediaFire account. As an active monthly Club Member - having your own MediaFire account will help you to preview our 3D models prior to download via the 3D PDF Reader Mobile Application.

How do I know which format file I need to download?

The best format to download is the one that is compatible with your personal 3D CAD Software. Thus it is recommended to look first which 3D format files your software can import.

Can I download all the files formats of a specific package?

Yes. You have unlimited access to our 3D files and can download all the various format files - based on your personal membership level - which will allow you to access them accordingly. But this will take up unnecessary storage space on your device. Thus it is best to only download the file formats that are compatible with your 3D CAD Software. As an alternative you can download each item individually from the Itemized folders in our MediaFire account.

Can I preview the different 3D Files before I download them?

Yes. You can preview all our items in the raw .stl format via the GrabCAD 3D viewer application as well as download it directly thereafter in the .stl or .wrl 3D file format. However both the zipped and itemized files uploaded to our MediaFire account in the 3D file format you cannot preview on MediaFire itself.

How do I share the 3D Files with other designers or developers?

The 3D file itself are too big for you to send to anybody else by email. Thus the best way for you to share these files is to refer them to our site for them to register as Guests themselves. Then they can download the files directly from our MediaFire account.

- Termination Of Membership -

Can I cancel my subscription with the Club at any time?

Yes. We offer various subscription periods for our members to register accordingly to meet their individual needs. However if you decide to terminate your membership prior to your next renewal date you can do so and no cancellation fees apply. You will still have access to your Profile and our members-only pages till the renewal date of your membership. Thereafter you will have 7 days grace time to renew your membership.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Membership?

We do offer a 75% refund on your most recent  monthly membership fee paid for a specific subscription period. If you have subscribed on a monthly basis you can cancel your membership at any time and you will automatically not be billed for the following month. You still qualify for the 75% refund, but only for your most recent subscription fee amount paid. Request for a refund needs to be in writing and needs to be send within 1 day (24 hours) after the last membership fee was paid. Once you requested a refund your account will be suspended on our platform and you will no longer have access to your Profile nor any of our members-only pages.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to terminate your membership, you can do it directly on your Profile once logged in. Thereafter you will not be billed again for the next month if you cancel your membership prior to your renewal date.

Alternatively you can send the cancellation request to us in writing. Please send us an email with your notification as well as with the following information:

  • Full Name & Surname
  • Ph-DDS 3D Club User ID
  • Current Membership Level
We will then proceed to suspend your membership from our side.

Lastly you can terminate your membership by simply not renewing your membership and your account will automatically be closed 7 days after your expiry date.

How do I get a refund if I cancel my Membership?

We do offer a 75% refund on only your most recent  monthly membership fee paid for a specific subscription period. You will only qualify for this refund once you have cancelled your membership on your Profile page and stopped the recurring payment agreement. PayPal will also confirm the cancellation of the recurring payment agreement by email to both yourself and our Management Team. Any requests for a refund needs to be in writing and needs to be send within 1 day (24 Hours) after the last subscription fee was paid. In case of a refund, you are legally bound to destroy all digital copies of purchased and downloaded 3D product files without the right to keep or use them in the future.

Your cancellation email must include the following information to streamline the process:

  • Full Name & Surname
  • Ph-DDS 3D Club User ID
  • Cancelled Membership Level
  • Most recent Invoice number

How and when do I get my funds back once I confirmed the cancellation of my Membership?

Once we have received the required email with the necessary information to confirm the cancellation, we will manually refund your credit card. We will process the refund only on the same credit card you used to pay for your membership subscription via PayPal. You will receive an email from PayPal as soon as we have processed the refund to confirm the 75% refund amount. The time period for the funds to reflect back in your account will depend on your credit card merchant provider itself.

- About Us -

Ph-DDS Is A Freelance Design Service For Any Domestic Or Commercial Design Projects. Our Aim Is To Offer A Holistic Balance Of Function, Beauty & Practicality.

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