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Recruit & Build Your Own 3D Rubik Cubes Of Referrals

PRAS Number Of
Rubik Cubes
Turnover Pool
Incentives %
135 +
(3x3x3) x5
One (I)
270 +
(3x3x3) x10
Two (II)
405 +
(3x3x3) x15
Three (III)
810 +
(3x3x3) x30
Four (IV)
4% (Incl RP-III)
1350 +
(3x3x3) x50
Five (V)
6% (Incl RP-III&IV)

The “Rubik” cube concept is based on the principle of referring a total of 27+ active subscribers. Each cube consists of 3x3x3=27 PRAS which forms a structure representing a "3D Rubik Cube".

Once you reached the rank of a Business Affiliates – with 135+ PRAS & x5 Rubik Cubes – you will qualify for the Rubik Pools (RP).

This bonus incentive is one of five and consist of the total turnover of all active subscriber’s fees of the specific calendar month put together in a pool. Theoretically 2% of this amount is then placed in each one of these five bonus pools. This total in each bonus pool is then divided and paid out equally to all who qualify for this specific bonus pool.

Once you reached the level of Executive Affiliate – with 270+ PARS  & x10 Rubik Cubes – you will move out of Rubik Pool I and qualify for the next exclusive 2% bonus of Rubik Pool II.

Thereafter, once you reached the rank of Advocate – with 405+ PRAS – you will qualify for Rubik Pool III to V, which also consist of 2%  of the Turnover each. However, Diplomats who have 810+ Personally Referred Active Subscribers will receive an additional bonus of the separate Rubik Pool IV’s 2% - hence a total of 4%.

Lastly, once you reached 1,350+ PRAS and title of Ambassador, you will receive a total of 6%, since you will be included in Rubik Pool V.

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As an active member you receives a unique Referral ID, which you can use to refer other CAD/BIM contacts, co-workers, family or friends to become part of the 3D HUB.

When your referrals register as active member all they have to do is enter your Referral ID as part of their registration process.

As well as, you receives various landing pages to assist you, which you can utilize immediately to start promoting the 3D HUB’ services or the Club as a whole. Each one of your landing page's URL(s) are linked to your profile and our system will track each lead generated from your unique landing page’s link.

All your landing page's links are available on your Profile page on our membership platform as well as summary of your current Referral Program status and balances.

For those who want to be more hands-on, your Live Report gives in real-time a breakdown of all your leads and referrals, which you can access remotely via Google Sheets. Your Live Report list not just your current leads and Personally Referred Active Subscribers (PRAS) but also a summary of your current "Incentives Due" as well as a breakdown of previous month’s payment sent to you via PayPal.

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... Your Online Service For 3D Models, 3D Scenes, Textures & Unlimited Cloud Storage ...

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Ph-DDS Is A Freelance Design Service For Any Domestic Or Commercial Design Projects. Our Aim Is To Offer A Holistic Balance Of Function, Beauty & Practicality.

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