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x1 CAD Format

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This Service Rate Is Fully Inclusive Of The Following: Detailed 3D Model To Scale In Selected CAD Format. 3D Model Is Modeled From A Detailed CAD Specification File Provided By Client. Final 3D Model Is Send In A Singular CAD Format Of Your Choice. Note: The Rate Is US$20 Per Hour & TAX INCLUSIVE. Discounted price of less 25% only applies to Network Partners Select The Format Of The Source File At “Format” For The CAD File. Enter Total Hours In “Oty” When You Want A Quote Or Pay For An Order.

- All Ordered 3D Model Files Are Downloaded Directly From Our Secure MediaFire Account -

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Ph-DDS Is A Freelance Design Service For Any Domestic Or Commercial Design Projects. Our Aim Is To Offer A Holistic Balance Of Function, Beauty & Practicality.

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