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Design Challenge - Feb 2020

  • 1 Feb 2020
  • 28 Feb 2020

Registration is closed

Join us for our monthly Design Challenge

for the Month of February 2020.

... Win a 6-Month Professional (Pro III) Membership ...

Design Challenge Criteria:

  • Active Club Members & Guests can participate in this challenge.
  • The designed living space can be either an Indoor or Outdoor living space.
  • Any 3D Design software program can be used for the design project.
  • The designed living space should primarily consist of items & elements from any of our 3D Packages or items bought from our 3D Shop.
  • Items & elements used within the design project from any of our 3D Packages or items bought from our 3D Shop can be changes in terms of color, textures, scale and orientation.
  • Final rendered images (maximum of x3) should be submitted to the Ph-DDS Management Team by email at: design-challenge@phddsolutions.co.za
  • The following details should also be included in the email to qualify:
  1. Members Full Name & Surname
  2. Company/Trading Name
  3. Member's User ID (Found on your profile)
  4. Short description of the designed living space (Max 300 Words).
  5. Which 3D software were used for the original design project?
  6. Which rendering software were used for the final rendering images?
  7. How many Items & Elements from any of our 3D Packages or 3D Shop were used within the design project? (Preferably in a furniture schedule table)
  • Any submissions that does meet these criteria will be disqualified.
  • Successful submissions will be posted on the Ph-DDS 3D Club's Facebook page by Ph-DDS Management Team only.
  • Successful submissions will be evaluated based on two primary aspects :
  1. The amount of 3D Models used from our exclusive 3D Packages within the final submitted design,
  2. The amount of Likes & Shares on the Ph-DDS 3D Club's Facebook page.
  • Registration for the Design Challenge closes on the 22nd February 2020.
  • Closing date for the Design Challenge is Saturday 28th February 2020 and all final submissions should be submitted and received by email.
  • The winner of the challenge will be informed by email & announced on the 29th February 2020 and be featured on the Ph-DDS 3D Club's website & Facebook page
  • The winner's 6 month membership will commence on the beginning of the next calendar month.
  • The prize cannot be exchanged for cash nor any "refund" will be offered should the member cancel their 6 month membership.

- About Us -

Ph-DDS Is A Freelance Design Service For Any Domestic Or Commercial Design Projects. Our Aim Is To Offer A Holistic Balance Of Function, Beauty & Practicality.

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